Wednesday, July 29, 2015

New Fall Releases from Classic Metal Works

Classic Metal Works is known for Classic American vehicles in HO and N scale. Their Mini Metal Collection features factory paint schemes and full interiors. Each vehicle contains a metal body and plastic parts as well as moving wheels.

Listed below are just a few of the new releases coming this fall.

30421 - 1/87 Scale - Excelsior Leasing/Pennsylvania Railroad - 1960 Ford F-100 1/2 Ton Pickup

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Transformation of the Batmobile throughout History

Christopher Nolan's recent take on the Dark Knight, along with the highly-anticipated re-visioning of this iconic vigilante in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (to be released next year), has brought Batman to the front of our minds and made him a pop culture star once again. Today, we want to share with you how Batman became who he is today by showing you how he gets from place-to-place: the evolution of the Batmobile.

Eaglemoss - EM-BM012
Includes Display Case
The first "Batmobile" appeared in Detective Comics #27 in 1939, but was just a regular car with no special features. The first "Batmobile" with special features appeared in Detective Comics #48 in 1941. 

Eaglemoss - Em-BM009
Includes Display Case

The term "Batmobile" was not applied to Batman's automobile until issue # 48 of Detective Comics in February 1941; the Batcycle, Batboat, and Robin's Redbird soon followed.

As you'll be able to see below, the Batmobile has made many transformations throughout its appearances in TV Shows and Movies.

PolarLights - 824 - Snap Kit
Includes Batman & Robin Figures
1966 - 1968 Batman

In1966, the Batmobile was customized from the only 1955 Lincoln Futura concept car.

Mattel - X5494
Elite Cult Classic Collection

1989 Batman
The 1989 Batmobile was like none before. Its nose features a large jet turbine intake, and cold air intakes for the afterburner were mounted ahead of the rear fenders.

Eaglemoss - EM-BM008
Includes Display Case

1992 Batman: The Animated Series
“The Batman,” Batmobile was designed with square lines, long fins, and a blunt nose with a slatted grill. 

Eaglemoss - EM-BM004
Includes Display Case

1995 Batman Forever
“Batman Forever” Batmobile was designed so that it looked like it had actual ribs and wings and to accentuate the lines the engine panels, wheels, and undercarriage were indirectly lit.

Eaglemoss - EM-BM016
Includes Display Case

1997 Batman & Robin
The inspiration for this Batmobile came from older racing roadsters like the Jaguar D-Type and Delahaye 165. 

Eaglemoss - EM-BM003
Includes Display Case
2005 Batman Begins
Primary focus of this Batmobile is to make it as real as possible. It was 9 feet wide and 15 feet long and weighed about 2.5 tons, but still capable of going 0-60 mph in under six seconds.

                                    2008 Dark Knight
Mattel - X5496
Elite Cult Classic Collection
The Batmobile from “Batman Begins,” returns in this movie with a few features that were not seen in Batman Begins. It featured single-seat escape vehicle for Batman called the "Bat-Pod." The Bat-Pod is an open motorcycle-like vehicle formed by the front wheels and suspension of the car.

Keep your eyes open for the future changes in the Batmobile, because you never know what it will look like or what the features will be.

Visit to pick up your Batmobile replicas. While you're there, check out the Pop Culture Collections from Mattel, other great model kits from  Polar Lights, and Star Trek and Dr. Who replicas from Eaglemoss!

Monday, July 27, 2015

Sizzling Summer Sale – check out these items!

Be sure you stop by to check out these hot deals and MORE during the Sizzlin' Summer Sale.

The models pictured above are all 20% off, but there are many more savings available with great brands like ERTL, Tonkin Replicas, SpecCast, and Maisto through Friday!

Saturday, July 25, 2015

New Releases are on the Way from Wiking

Wiking is a leader in 1/87 scale plastic models. They're always coming out with new products to bring more character and realism to your diorama, and this week is no different. The beautifully crafted new releases below are sure to please. 

#001813 - 1/87 scale
September / October Arival
Maersk & Hapag Lloyd - 40' Containers
Take a look at this pair of 40-foot freight containers. Whether you're building a miniature shipyard, rail yard, or construction site, these containers are the extra scenic detail you need to bring your layout to life.
#082004 - 1/87 scale
September / October Arrival
1949 Ford Taunus G73A with Camper Trailer

How about a trip to the country in this 1949 Ford Taunus G73A? With the camper in tow, your tiny plastic family can make a weekend of it.

#020547 - 1/87 scale
August / September Arrival
1964 Ford Mustang Cabrio Convertible in Turquoise Green Metallic 

Who doesn't like a Mustang - and a convertible one at that!? This 1964 Ford Mustang Cabrio Convertible will make any gas station or highway layout pop. With accurate Ford graphics and detailing, you might want to take a ride in it yourself!

There are well over a dozen other brand new Wiking releases available for pre-order at So do yourself a favor and go check them out. While you're at it, take a look at some of our other great 1/87 scale models from Norscot, Tonkin, Kibri, Herpa, HWP, and Woodland Scenics.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

New Fall Release from CCM

Caterpillar built the 660 scraper at 55 tons and nearly 60 feet long back in 1960. Although this machine is a very capable earth mover and a contractor's favorite, it is no long in production. You can still find this dependable and durable machine on many job sites today.

This fall CCM is releasing a replica of Caterpillar's 660 large capacity three-axle scraper, and you can place your pre-order now for this awesome model!

This true to 1:48 scale model features:
accurate Caterpillar decoration,
hydraulic hoses,
rubber tires,
positionable bowl,
apron & ejector,
functioning goose neck,
accurately detailed spill guard,
and a detailed engine compartment.

Each replica includes its own individual serial number and a signed reproduction of the original sales brochure for the machine. Visit to pre-order CCM 660 model today!