Monday, September 1, 2014

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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Tonkin's International 4300 Box Truck

Thoughtfully designed and diecast in metal to 1:53 scale, Tonkin's International 4300 Box Truck replica (#13-I011) is both a showroom-quality collectible and a technically accurate box truck.


Its features include:
  • Brand specific details and OEM certification
  • Opening hood and cab doors
  • Steering front axle
  • Realistic hub detailing and tire tread
  • Opening rear door
  • Accessible detailed interior

This truck is ideal to customize with your own graphics... great for business logos, or even just a memorabilia.  How would you customize yours?

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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Eligor's Bugatti 35B

Eligor just announced the New Bugatti 35B (#101565) expected to arrive in September/October.  

It has been nicely replicated in 1/43 scale and has several exciting features and details including:

  • Diecast metal construction with only a few plastic parts
  • Detailed interior with realistic steering wheel and dash
  • Realistic hub detailing and tire tread
  • Chrome-like accents including grille and exhaust pipes
  • Yellow paint scheme with #31 graphics

Bugatti ... just the name evokes a feeling of excitement in motor sports enthusiasts!

A little history...  the "legendary" Bugatti Type 35 racing models were designed by Ettore and Jean Bugatti between 1924 and 1931. These cars immediately began dominating the racing industry, with over 2,000 racing victories (a record unmatched to this day)! Designed in the Bugatti workshops in the town of Molsheim in Alsace-Dorlisheim region of France, they were equipped with some of the original V8 engine prototypes, and many variations and changes were made with each new model (Type 35A, B, C & D! Then the Type 37, 39, 51, etc...).

One of the crowning achievements for the Type 35 came during the Grand Prix of Lyon in 1924, which was the first time that Bugatti was permitted to enter this race against cars from Italian manufacturers like Alfa Romeo and Maserati and German manufacturers like Mercedes and Auto Union.

The incredible history of this car is what has made it popular with all sorts of collectors. This particular yellow version is a representation of the rich colors of the racing cars of the past (a fact which is often overlooked, as the old black and white photos were unable to capture their vivid colors). In the end, the beauty of this model’s paint scheme, as well as its elegant design, is sure to make it stand out in any collection.

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Friday, August 29, 2014

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Thursday, August 28, 2014

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