Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Samurai, Ninjas, and more

These are pretty neat, I think. They're along a different vein than usual, but still will appeal to anyone who enjoys our products. These are the "Ages of Action" warrior figures from Unimax.

Although these heroes---and villains---never swung from a web or possessed laser vision, they really existed! And they left behind a legacy of adventure, bravery and sacrifice you'll learn about with every AGES Of ACTION figure you bring home. Register these fully poseable, super detailed warriors online at to learn more about their lives of so long ago---and experience a virtual AGES OF ACTION community designed to educate and entertain!

Tokugawa Hideyoshi is our Samurai. This warrior should be shown respect, as the warrior of the Tokugawa time period were legally permitted to "cut down" any commoner who crossed him.

And of course, we must acknowledge the notorious Ninja warrior. The Ninja was specially trained in "unorthodox" arts, and were mainly considered to be assassins. However, they were somewhat similar to the Samurai. This is Tateoka Muneyoshi.

Here, we have the Norman knight in shining armor, Guinard Des Roches. I expect no history is needed, as legendary as Knighthood still is today.

Finally, our Roman Gladiator, Lucius Gratius Ralla. The Gladiator is a figure of war, heroism, and even entertainment. Some were slaves or prisoners of war, but most were volunteers. It's quite a title to live up to.

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