Tuesday, March 24, 2009

M2 keeps rolling

I have just finished putting together the new listings that M2Machines has announced. I love M2 because it never gets old. They keep rolling out products unlike any I've seen. The most exciting thing now is the new Auto-Lift, which premiered for New York Toy Fair in February. The production on the first Auto-Lift was limited to 720 pieces, so it's a joy to be able to offer them to you. This one includes two different paint schemes of a 1970 Chevy Chevelle SS Muscle Car, with the display base for "2009 New York Toy Fair." Obviously, we have very limited quantities, but we have stocked enough to give you a good chance to add them to your collection. Don't miss out!

The Auto-Lift Release 1 has also been announce. Each will include the Auto-Lift and 2 paint schemes of a popular M2 car. Here is what has is being offered in release 1:

1957 Chevy Bel Air

1969 Dodge Charger Daytona

1969 Plymouth Road Runner

Plus, the Auto-Lifts will be available by themselves in packs of 5 extra stacks. These will all be available in May, except the Toy Fair Auto-Lift, which is available NOW!

Oh but wait, that's not all! We've got 2 more releases!

The new Detroit Muscle has been announced, and we'll be offering them in 2-Piece sets! Here's what we've got coming in April:

1970 Oldsmobile Cutlass 442

1969 Dodge Charger Daytona

1970 Dodge Super Bee

And finally, we just received our next in the Auto-Stretch Rods Series. These have been very popular in the collector world, since they really represent a rare idea.

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