Monday, March 5, 2012

Wings of Texaco 2012 Available for Pre-Order!

We look forward to this announcement every year, and here it is for 2012!

The Wings of Texaco Airplane Series is celebrating its 20th birthday this year with the release of the 1937 Stinson Reliant SR-9! 

This exciting release will be arriving in July/August.

The Reliant series of aircraft was designed by E.A. "Eddie" Stinson as a four-to-five seat commercial monoplane. The SR series of aircraft began in 1933 and was produced until 1941. The SR-9 model featured deluxe interior accommodations. It was known for its ease in handling and its state-of-theart navigation and communication radios. During World War Two, Stinsons were requisitioned by the military and designated AT-19 in U.S. service. More than 60 years later, Stinsons are still a highly sought after collector's item.

As always, this great model is available in the regular edition and in the special brushed metal edition.

The features of these models are...
• All New Tooling!
• 12" Wingspan & Movable Flaps
• Locking Coin Bank with Key
• Die-Cast Body
• Includes Custom Display Stand

Round 2 Item #CP7000 - 1/43 Scale - Price = $42.95
Wings of Texaco Airplane Series #20 (2012) - 1937 Stinson Reliant SR-9 

Item #CP7001 - 1/43 Scale - Price = $59.95
Wings of Texaco Airplane Series #20 (2012) - 1937 Stinson Reliant SR-9 - Special Brushed Metal Edition


  1. Are these made in America? The fire engine piece is great.

  2. These planes are VERY well made. I have the entire set so far. The Texaco Red is beautiful, but don't sell short the brushed aluminum. This picture doesn't do it justice. These planes are beautiful, too.
    Very solid, heavy, excellently crafted. You won't be dissappointed. Except maybe you'll wonder where to desplay all of them!
    Have fun collecting.

  3. Thanks for your great comments. These are really great models. Thanks again!

  4. As with most items, all of the Texaco collectibles are made in China. Sorry.

    Let us know if we can be of service!

  5. Is there an end in sight? I have "every" Wings of Texaco issue from day one to the present (including the first unauthorized edition), and was about to order the 2013 releases. Then I saw that once again WOT was going to reissue a reviously released edition - but with a different paint job. So this is what I can expect in the future? Have they run out of airplanes? Did the Chinese take it over?

  6. Yes, the 2013 plane will be a repaint from tooling for the 2006 model. I am surprised that they are repainting such a recent version since the last repaint was in 2011 when they used the same tooling as the 1998 plane (13 years between repaints compared to just 7 this time).

    Unfortunately, we don’t have any information to what the models are going to be until they are announced each year. So we have no idea if repaints is going to be a new trend for them, but we don’t think so… and certainly hope not.

    Thanks for your comment and your business, and we will work to bring you information as it becomes available to us.


  7. J Roig, I actually just found out that the 2013 plane is not technically a repaint. Texaco had seven different Spartans in their fleet. The models produced in 2006 were T51s and this year’s models are T68s. I hope this clears things up a bit, and we have edited the descriptions on our website to show this difference.

  8. I just came across some of these great Wings of Texaco airplanes in an old barn still new in the boxes. I have a quite a few duplicates to trade for any that I do not have - I would like to get some of the ones I don't have, if you gave any extra duplicates.

    Bill Skye
    (609) 517-0936

  9. if these planes came out in 2012 how can you preorder in 2018 how munch are these planes

    1. Hello! These items were available for pre-order six years ago, when the post was originally created. However, they have come and gone in that time...they are no longer available. Thanks!