Saturday, July 14, 2012

Looking for Christmas Gifts?

Ready for Christmas? I am done with summer after Independence day. It's hot, muggy, sweaty. Gross. All the fun summer activities can still be done in the fall. And it's probably more fun because it isn't 100 degrees. So, like I said, I'm done with summer and I've started thinking about my favorite time of year, Christmas!! I love everything about it, the smells, the sounds, the spirit, and of course, the gifts! I am a terrible gift giver though. I gave my husband freeze dried ice cream on our first valentines day! So I decided to start my shopping early, like two months ago early, and it's been great. So I thought I would show you a couple of great items any kid would love to get for Christmas! Don't put it off and panic at the last minute and get freeze dried ice cream!! But if you do, check out our website, We can ship overnight!

Bruder 02439 1/16
 Caterpillar Excavator
This is the perfect sandbox toy. The hard impact plastic will last through even the hardest players. I am always impressed with how detailed bruder makes their plastic toys. It really looks like the real deal.
  • The tracks work really well. They move smoothly and quickly, very important when you're little 
  • The engine cover is hinged, providing a view of the detailed engine. 
  • Inside the cab is a seat surrounded by buttons, a joystick, steering, and pedals. They even detailed the side to look like a door.
  • There is even no slip flooring!
  • It swivels a full 360 degrees! 
  • The hydraulic arm is full of detail. there are hoses and hinges, and wires and everything! 
  • The arm is equipped with a handle that allows you to push and pull the arm up and down, and dig and scoop with the shovel. It will dig 8 inches below the level the tracks are sitting on!  
  • The arm extends about18 inches, and you can still use the shovel at that length.
  • When the arm and shovel move, the hydraulics look very realistic. 
  • It also features the Cat logo on both sides, on the back, and on the back of the cab.
  • It has vents on the sides and top of the excavator. 

The more I look at it, the more I want one of my own! 

Mack Granite Liebherr Crane Truck, 1/16 scale
This mobile crane is so fun. Again, I can't believe the detail they add to these plastic toys! You will be the best Mom, Dad, Grandparent, Uncle, Aunt ever in their eyes! 
This thing is awesome. 
  • The wheels are rubber and plastic and roll really well. 
  • It has two adjustable stabilizers on both sides. Currently, three of them are on my desk and the fourth is on my mouse. : )
  • It has an opening tool and storage box on both sides. There is also one on the back just behind the crane. 
  • The mud flaps feature the mack logo, there is a license plate,                                              and lights decals on the back of the trailer.
  •  The sides and of the trailer have been made to look like it has doors, panels, 
  • And the top of the trailer has diamond plating, and tools and chain.
  • The cab doors open.
  • The cab is covered with realistic features including lights, mirrors, handles, tanks, step boxes, grill, the windshield has wipers, Hood ornament, and more!
  • Inside the cab there are seats, a steering wheel, gear shift, pedals, even a console with a radio and cupholders! They have thought of everything! 

And that's just the truck, I haven't even started talking about the crane!

  • The crane's cab door slides open to reveal a well detailed interior. It even has a wiper blade for the window on the roof of the cab.
  • The door also has the crane model on the side, LTF 1045-4.1
  • The crane and turn a full 360 degrees, Fully extended!
  • The crane is equipped with a metal hook on a heavy duty cord.
  • On one side of the crane arm is a knob that extends the crane arm to almost three feet without the attachable arm extension. That adds another foot!
  • On the other side of the arm is the knob that raises and lowers the arm. 
  • Also on that side, is a handle to wind and unwind the hook cord. 
  • The Liebherr logo is on both sides of the arm and the crane

For more great bruder products, check out our website,

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