Monday, December 17, 2012

Mack Granite w/ Hot Products Tanker just arrived from First Gear!

This just arrived from First Gear today and is great for Mack collectors, truck collectors, or for anyone who likes to collect models of machines that carry hot substances.  ;)  Here's the Mack Granite Truck with a hot products tanker, for your enjoyment!

Mack Granite with "Hot Products" Tanker Trailer
#10-3952 - 1/34 Scale - Available NOW
This model features:
- New tooling
- Diecast metal construction
- Opening hood with MP (Mack Powertrain) Engine and SCR System (Selective catalytic reduction)
- Detailed cab interior
- Pivoting fifth wheel
- Detailed trailer landing gear
- Upper manhole with four-sided platform and ladder
- Rear discharge and front pump-off valve detail

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