Monday, March 24, 2014

Just Announced: New Tonkin Replicas' Cranes

Five NEW crane models have just been announced by Tonkin Replicas including two Kobelco cranes and three Link Belt cranes.  

First, let's check out the two Kobelco cranes which include the CK2750 Crawler Crane (US Version) and the Mammoet CKE2500G Crawler Crane.  Each of these models is replicated in 1/50 scale and has some great features including: 

  • Diecast metal construction with only a few plastic parts
  • Moveable metal tracks
  • Nicely replicated counter weights
  • Detailed operator's cab
  • Realistic cabling, railings, and mirrors
  • Authentic Kobelco graphics

Kobelco Cranes

 #CK2750G - 1/50 Scale
Kobelco CK2750G Crawler Crane - US Version

#CKE2500G - 1/50 Scale
Mammoet - Kobelco CKE2500G Crawler Crane

Next, let's check out the three Link Belt cranes including the ATC3275 275-Ton All Terrain Crane, the RTC8080 80-Ton Rough Terrain Crane, and the TCC750 75-Ton Crawler Crane.

These diecast metal models are also replicated in 1/50 scale and have some great features of their own including:

  • Free rolling wheels with realistic tire tread (#ATC3275 & #RTC8080) or movable metal tracks (#TCC750)
  • Nicely replicated counter weights
  • Moveable outriggers (excluding #TCC750)
  • Detailed operator's cab
  • Moveable boom with realistic cabling
  • Authentic Link Belt graphics

Link Belt Cranes
#ATC3275 - 1/50 Scale                           #RTC8080 - 1/50 Scale
ATC3275 275-Ton All Terrain Crane        TC8080 80-Ton Rough Terrain Crane

#TCC750 - 1/50 Scale
TCC750 75-Ton Crawler Crane

Visit our website today to place your Pre-order for these incredible cranes. The arrival dates for these models are still unknown, but we will keep you up-to-date when more information is available.  

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