Thursday, October 9, 2014

Monster Crane Announced from Herpa!

Here at, we are constantly looking for new, interesting, and exciting items that you will love. We have the privilege to present a new release from Herpa that fits nicely into all three of those categories! Let us introduce you to the 1/87 Scale Liebherr LR 1600/2 Crawler Crane!

#303545 - 1/87 Scale
October / November Arrival
Liebherr LR 1600/2 Crawler Crane

This monster crane, built to scale of high quality plastic with some diecast parts, stands just about 3 feet tall! Built with the care you have come to expect from Herpa, this crane stands as a monolithic centerpiece to any HO train layout and is set apart as a beautiful piece for your collector showcase!

As you can see to the right, there is great care taken to replicate the foundation of this tall crane, with diecast metal in the tracks and beautifully painted metal counterweights.

Detail matters! Immense time was taken in design and production for the model to reflect the complexity and versatility that the Liebherr name is so often associated with.

Please visit us at and get yours today! As always, be sure to check us out on Facebook and Twitter to look out for additional updates about the great items we add weekly!

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