Saturday, August 15, 2015

New Bruder is Coming!!!

Bruder has long been a leader in tough, functional, interactive toys; their new farm and construction models continue this tradition. Let's take a look at each.
#09816 - 1/16 Scale
August / September Arrival
John Deere 5115M Tractor with Trailer
Let's start with the John Deere 5115M Tractor complete with a transport trailer. With articulated steering and a removable front weight, this tractor is ready to farm all your 1/16 scale crops! And the platform gate trailer is equipped with functioning fold-down side gates for increased realism and play value.
#02451 - 1/16 Scale
August / September Arrival
CAT Vibratory Soil Compactor with a Leveling Blade
Time to switch gears. This Caterpillar Roller is perfect for rolling out your sandbox construction sites. The adjustable leveling blade, all terrain oscillating axle, and opening engine bonnet will increase the level of detail on your plastic construction site and inspire creative play.

Both of these fantastic models are fully compatible with Bruder B-World figures and accessories. So when you're ready to take playtime to the next level, head to and pre-order these new Bruder items. While you're there, check out ERTL's Big Farm series for more 1/16 scale fun!

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