Friday, November 1, 2019

A Beautiful Car Named After a Ferocious Predator Has "AAR"-ived!

In the 1970 Trans-Am Racing Series, Plymouth put their best foot forward by sponsoring two All American Racers (AAR) 'Cudas.

Despite failing to achieve a first-place finish, the tailor-made racecar spawned a street version available to the general public, which ACME has meticulously recreated in 1/18 scale
#A1806113 - 1/18 Scale
1970 Plymouth AAR 'Cuda in Sublime Green
The street version of the 1970 AAR 'Cuda packed a 5.6 liter, 340 cubic inch powerplant with three two-barrel carbs that Plymouth dubbed the "Six Pack":

Wrapped in the aptly named Sublime Green with blacked-out hood, this model also proudly sports factory-authentic badging:

The street version of the AAR 'Cuda had a performance-focused interior, but it didn't sacrifice comfort. It has been replicated in exacting detail by ACME:

The well-appointed trunk includes a spare tire and all the tools needed to install it:
#A1806113 - 1/18 Scale
1970 Plymouth AAR 'Cuda in Sublime Green
This stunning 1/18 replica has just arrived, so get over to and order yours today!

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