Thursday, May 28, 2009

Hobby Master takes to the skies with June's new releases!

Hobby Master’s introductory 1/200 scale airliner – is getting rave reviews from collectors. The famous Golden Falcon paint scheme is replicated in explicit detail, and the blue and white emblem on the side symbolized quality flight till this plane was retired in 1977.

The Eastern Airlines L-188 Electra (HL1001) –

Add a piece of aircraft history to your collection with the A-4 Skyhawk (HA1411)! The smallest jet ever deployed on a carrier, the Skyhawk is also one of the most successful attack aircraft ever built.

First introduced for use by the US Navy in 1960, the F-4 Phantom (HA1909) was in use by 11 other countries by 1981. This paint job is unique to the Israeli Air Force, and was widely used from 1969-1982.

The P-26A Peashooter's (HA7501) unique history makes this a must-have for your collection. Aviation buffs will recognize this as Boeing's first and last all-metal monoplane fighter! It took a daring fighter to pilot this, as only a tiny windscreen protected him from the wide blue sky! is ready to take your order today for these beautiful pieces, ready to ship in June!

Don't forget to watch for the latest release, coming soon!

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