Thursday, July 2, 2009

Texaco planes have been announced!

We always have high expectations for each year's Texaco release, and wait in hopeful anticipation for their announcement. It's fun to see what they've decided to do next. We've just received information about the 2009 release, and it's attractive as ever! It's a Lockheed 12a Electra Jr. It was used as an eight-seat, six passenger all-metal transport designed for use by smaller airlines and private owners. At the time of the Pearl Harbor attack, this plane outsold the competing plane 2-1, although only 130 were ever built. This was also the plane in the movie Casablanca. (Information is from Wikipedia. Read more here.)

These always come in a regular edition as well as a special brushed metal edition. You may purchase them individually, or preorder the set for free shipping. They feature a die-cast, locking coin bank with a key. Due to be released in November, they are available for preorder now on our website!

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