Monday, August 10, 2009

New Corgi just in!

First, many thanks to Marley for taking over the blog for a couple days! While I was out, we received a couple new items from Corgi. These are brand new releases, just announced not too long ago.

This one to the left is the Albatros DV as flown by Paul Baeumer. Born in 1896, Paul Baeumer was an assistant dentist who learned to fly, joining Flieger Abteilung 7, then Jasta 2, followed by Jasta 5, returning to Jasta 3 after his 3rd vistory in August 1917. He received the Pour le Merite on November 2, 1918. His 4th victory involved a Sopwith Camel of 9 Naval Sqn on the 20th of September, woulding the pilot during this action. His 6th and final victory on Snellegem airfield was also a Sopwith Camel, making him the airfield's biggest Ace.

The next release is a Fokker DR.1, flown by Lothar von Richthofen. Richthofen transferred to the German Air Service in 1915 and was assigned to Jasta 11 on March 6, 1917. Lothar scored 24 victories in 47 days and was credited with shooting down English Ace Albert Ball on May 7, 1917. Wounded on March 12, 1918, he crash landed his Fokker DR.I after being shot down by Australian ace, Geoffrey Hughes. In the summer of 1918, Lothar returned to duty and achieved ten more victories by the end of the war. Scoring his final victory on August 12, 1918, he shot down a Sopwith Camel flown by English ace, Jogn Summers. The following day, Lothar was seriouslt wounded for the third time when his Fokker D.VII was show down over the Somme by another Sopwith Camel.

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