Saturday, December 5, 2009

1933 Was A Very Good Year

Once again, Franklin Mint raises the bar with several beautiful new models. 3000toys was excited to receive these two beauties earlier this week!

The 1933 Ford Tudor Chicago Police Car evokes a nostalgic spirit. Cast in historic detail, this is a stunning piece we think you'll be glad to add to your collection.
This 1933 Dusenberg J. Victoria in Burgundy has been eagerly anticipated since the announcement of its impending arrival. In the 1930's, this Dusenberg was the car associated with wealth, glamour, and all things Hollywood. Greta Garbo even had a special model named after her. This gorgeous piece is a model of the original Dusenberg presented at the Paris Salon in 1932, and made available to purchase in 1933. This is truly a piece of automotive history!

PS- Only 20 days left till Christmas...

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