Monday, November 1, 2010

It's that time already?

I don't know about where you are, but the summer here this year seemed to go on and on. Most of the leaves on the trees have changed now, but it wasn't until last week that it was actually a bit chilly outside. It seemed a bit odd to me when I first noticed that Christmas trees and other decorations have been up in Sam's and Home Depot for weeks now... but I guess it is almost that time, isn't it? Time to start thinking about the family get-togethers, what I'm getting everyone, and how to decorate the house. I'm afraid that like a lot of people, I tend to be one of those last minute shoppers. I remember last Christmas especially, I was shopping for gifts on Christmas Eve... even though I always tell myself about this time of year that I won't be doing that. Time to start thinking... I think I'll get my boyfriend a wallet and an album by one of his favorite bands, get my brother a comfy moon chair, and one of my college friends a coffee maker. What about you all? I had fun setting up this cool little poll, so have a go at it.

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