Friday, April 15, 2011

Ice Road Truckers

For most, driving in inclement weather is at best a hassle and at worst a deadly challenge. However, for the men and women who brave the 417-mile-long Dempster Highway and the Mackenzie River Ice Road, dangerous conditions are simply a reality of the workplace. The History Channel has been documenting the dangers of these icy roads and their riders through five seasons of the television series “Ice Road Truckers” and Norscot has captured the danger and exhilaration of the show in 4 beautiful murals.

We at are excited to announce the newest release of four new 1/87 trucks from Norscot that will feature murals based on the television series and will of course be in line with Norscot’s commitment to quality and style. These trucks will be packaged as a 12-piece assortment and are graded for ages 8 and up and will feature:

  • A 389 Tandem Axle Sleeper Tractor 53’ Utility Trailer Dry Cargo Van
  • Zinc Chassis with Molded Plastic Top, Sides, and Ends

  • Detachable Trailer
  • Opening Rear Trailer Doors with Interior Detail
  • Custom Packaging

  • 4 Custom Murals on the Sides of the Trailers
  • Truck Colors of Black, Dark Blue, Red, and White that will complement the corresponding mural.

Be sure to grab one or all of these models!

Item: 58612 Item: 58614
Price: $9.99 Price: $9.99
Item: 58613 Item: 58615
Price: $9.99 Price: $9.99
Have a great weekend!

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