Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Becoming a Model Citizen with Eligor

Registering to vote, not littering, and always being willing to let another driver merge into your lane are all acts of a model citizen. Soon to be added to that list: collecting Eligor models. Eligor makes high-quality, 1/43 scale models that feature unique subject matter: how many ecologically friendly trucking companies are driving around your collection? None? What about Parisian advertising vehicles? Then it's time to make room for Eligor. I'm predicting that owning one of these newly released models (scheduled to arrive at in February - March) will soon be a key to being a well-rounded and fun individual.

ELIGOR - 101423 - 1/43 Price = $39.95
The Living Images - CITROËN 2CV AZU Special
This wonderful model displays the attention grabbing advertising vehicles that were commonly seen driving around or parked in high traffic areas. These were equipped with neon-lit windows that were controlled by a timer; each time the timer went off pictures were on display for the crowds to see.

ELIGOR - 101389 - 1/43 Price = $48.95
SINPAR Castor Firetruck
This model depicts a vehicle used by the Marine Firemen to fight against maritime pollution with anti pollution prevention equipment with which the Firemen used to safeguard the quality of the fauna and flora of the coast. This vehicle makes it possible to access places where no other vehicle could and, as a result, be as responsive as possible to face pollution threatening the beaches.

ELIGOR - 114442 - 1/43 Price = $66.95
Iveco Stralis - 2007 Ecostralis Cab Only
For Iveco, sustainable development is more than a goal, it is a business plan, a mentality on which to base everyday decisions. The Ecostralis is the realization of that commitment to ensure maximum productivity and low operating costs, all while minimizing the impact on the environment. This model shows the impressive design components on the Ecostralis and will make an impressive addition to any collection.

ELIGOR - 114500 - 1/43 Price = $123.95
Callejo Transportation - Man TGX XXL
Spurred on by ecological awareness, Callejo Transportation continuously seeks to minimize its carbon footprint. This approach is based on a fleet of newer vehicles meeting the latest European emissions standards, training drivers to be enviromentally responsible, and utilizing advanced logistics and planning to be on-time without stress or overuse of the trucks. This wonderful model is a prime example of a stylish vehicle from their fleet.

ELIGOR - 114515 - 1/43 Price = $123.95
Transport UTE - DAF XF105 Space Cab
Founded in 1991 with two vehicles, Transport UTE specializes in urgent deliveries in Europe. This model is a beautiful exampe of a vehicle from their fleet.

ELIGOR - 114404 - 1/43 Price = $129.95
Iveco Glider - Cab only
The super-aerodynamic Iveco Glider was developed in conjunction with Centro Ricerche Fiat. It has all sorts of clever fuel-saving features including an energy-recovery system built into the exhaust, photo-voltaic cells on the roof, and an extra-sleek exterior. This beautiful model is made all the more impressive with working front and rear lights!

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