Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Go for Gold, Go with Corgi

I remember the moment. He stretched his hand just past his competitor's, by only a half of a half-second and touched the wall first. The relay was incredible and close and amazing and exciting. I shouted, along with the rest of the country, "USA! USA! USA!" We had just watched a team of four guys swim and it was the most exciting moment of that week and maybe that month. The Olympics will make you cheer on some crazy stuff.

The newest iteration of the Olympics will take place in London. It should be a great time with more memorable moments to shout about and more opportunities to cheer on an athlete on the other side of the world. You ought to do something to remember it! Corgi has come out with some delightful key chains to commemorate the 2012 Olympic Games in London. Pick one out today and make sure to tune in this summer!

CORGI - GS62201 - Price = $8.99

Routemaster London 2012 Souvenir Keyring - Limited Edition

CORGI - GS62202 - Price = $8.99

London Taxi 2012 Souvenir Keyring - Limited Edition

CORGI - GS62206 - Price = $8.99

London 2012 - Wenlock Guard Keyring

CORGI - GS62225 - Price = $8.99

London 2012 - Telephone Box Keyring

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