Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Norscot is COMING!

Norscot products are COMING!

We have received word that many Norscot items will be restocked mid-May. Unfortunately, there are not many of some, and they will be sold out before the shipment reaches the U.S.

Place your orders NOW so your order is in line - orders will be shipped first in, first out.

Here's a list of what is coming (because of the limited quantity and large amount of back orders, some will all be spoken for before the end of the day).
ITEM NO. Description

22502 CIFA Cement Mixer
55030V 140H Motor Grader
55097 623G Elevating Scraper
55107 315C Hydraulic Excavator
55108 D5M LGP Tractor /Dozer
55115 992g Wheel Loader
55130 730 Dump Truck
55132 CB-534D XW Compactor
55139 C15 ACERT Engine
55140 R1700G Underground
55149 432E Backhoe Loader
55154 Twenty-Two Crawler
55156 CP-563 Pad Foot Compactor
55160 365C Front Shovel
55167 272C Skid Steer Loader
55177 M318D Wheel Excavator
55206 797F Mining Truck
55207 Peterbilt with Lowboy
55209 D9T Track-Type Tractor
55210 572C Pipelayer
55213 906H Compact Wheel Loader
55216 785D Mining Dump Truck
55220 784C Tractor with TowHaul
55223 P5000 Lift Truck
55224 D7E Track-Type Tractor
55236 140M Motor Grader
55261 772 Off-Highway Truck
55262 320D L Hydraulic Excavator
55268 226B3 Skid Steer Loader
55271 416 Backhoe Loader
57506 Bell 225A Crane Logger
58616 MT765C Challenger

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