Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Announcement from Eligor

We are pleased to announce five new cars and trucks from Eligor!  These will be arriving soon, and if you pre-order yours, we will ship it out to you as soon as it gets here.  

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Item #101428 - 1/43 Scale - Summer Arrival
HOTCHKISS PL 25 - Paupelin Butchery
The model that we present in the Hotchkiss collection is from 1952. At the front of the model, an ice water tank accessible by the right side door, brought some freshness to the meat hanging loaded into the van...

Item #101454 1/43 Scale - Summer Arrival
OM Saurer Public Works dump
The Saurer was founded in 1853 in Switzerland, as a foundry. It was in 1888 that Saurer first manufactured gasoline engines for the industry. In 1896, the company produced its first car...

Item #101463 - 1/43 Scale - Summer Arrival
Founded in Germany in 1926 by engineer Wilhelm Gutbrod. The first activity of the Company was the manufacture of motorcycles...

Item #101464 - 1/43 Scale - Summer Arrival
In 1888, a group of wholesale grocers decided to join forces to form a limited company called the Docks of Reims. Buying wholesale for many branches, they could sell fresh products at very low prices...

Item #114450 - 1/43 Scale - Summer Arrival
Scania GIMAEX 95 Simple cab Van Foam Great Power
Equipped with a 400 hp engine, the van foam Great Power was presented to Congress on Fire 2011...

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