Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Anyone else excited about the Caterpillar Visitors Center?

This October, Caterpillar will be opening their brand new Visitors Center in Peoria, Illinois.  This is an interactive, hands-on opportunity to "experience" the story of the building of such a great business and line of machines, from learning about the people who formed the company to exploring the actual machines!!  

"Come face to face with an authentic 1930s D8 tractor and feel for yourself what it was like for an operator to keep it moving. Then experience the contrast of operating a modern-day machine in one of our state-of-the-art simulators.

"Feel the rumble in your seat as you descend into a Caterpillar customer's mine site as a passenger in a Cat 797 Mining Truck...

"Visit the center and step into the Immersive Visualization Theater to see how virtual reality is used to develop the smallest details on all Caterpillar products.
"Then feel the sheer magnitude of the 24-foot-tall Cat 797 Mining Truck, as you stand next to the one of its six-ton tires or sit in its 380-ton capacity haul bed."

The center also highlights Caterpillar's history with moments like constructing the Golden Gate Bridge to widening the Panama Canal, from powering the Apollo 11 mission to building fairgrounds for the World's Fair and the Olympic Games. 

Visiting this place is definitely on my bucket list!  If any of you have a chance to visit it, please share your experience, and if I get to go, I will do the same!

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