Monday, October 29, 2012

15 New Models!!

We have just received fifteen new models from NZG!
 These excellent models are ready to ship RIGHT NOW! 
I had the opportunity to take a closer look at a couple of them, and they did not disappoint. As with all NZG models, these are exceptionally detailed. 

NZG 832-06
NZG has manufactured the Hamm GRW280 Rubber Wheeled Roller in the Dijkstra colors and scheme. It is mainly diecast construction with a few plastic parts. It has moving wheels with metal hub cabs and rubber tires. The front wheels are also equipped with working suspension. The front end is nicely detailed, quite realistic and features the Hamm logo on the front grill. The steps leading to the operator’s cabin on either side have no slip tread and are diecast metal. The interior of the cabin is well detailed, particularly the control panel, steering column and seat. The cabin’s doors and windshield are complete with  hinges, handles and windshield wipers. The back of the roller has diamond plate on either side and the Hamm and Diijsktra logos. Underneath you will find that the drive shafts are well detailed, diecast metal. There are additional lights and mirrors included, that will need some assembly. This helps  ensure that your model is in pristine condition when you receive it.   

NZG 8613-01
NZG has manufactured the Mercedes-Benz Actros FH23 StreamSpace 4x2 in the K Line colors. It is made complete with a diecast 40' sea container and chassis. The model is mostly made of highly detailed, diecast metal with a few plastic parts. It has moving rubber wheels with nicely detailed diecast hub caps. The front wheels can be steered from side to side. The exterior if the cab is highly detailed and very realistic. The lights have individual lenses, the grill and license plate is very realistic and the steps are textured. It also has the K Line logos, the Mercedes emblem on the grill, and a fleet number on the side of the cab. Behind the cab is also very realistic. The fuel tanks have color coded caps and the hoses are rubber. The interior of the cab is also well detailed. The dashboard has gauges and buttons, and the seats are two toned, which adds a nice touch. The undercarriage and chassis has been given just as much attention as the rest. The drive shafts and fuel tanks are especially nice. The container is removable and well detailed.  It is red and features the K Line Logo on both sides. There are two spare tires on the chassis just under the container. The chassis come equipped with two fixed metal landing legs. 

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