Friday, November 30, 2012

Need some Christmas shopping ideas?

This year I've taken advantage of online shopping like never before, and I'm about half-way done with my Christmas shopping already!  It's so great to be able to shop while sitting at home in my own living room - so quick and easy!  

If you're ready to start your Christmas shopping, New-Ray's playsets (click here to see them all) are a fantastic option, with a wide variety of them, ranging from outdoors and hunting to construction, from ranching and farming to military.   

If you're not quite ready to start shopping for the holidays, maybe just store this in the back of your mind or bookmark this page :)

And remember that we giftwrap!

SS-10735 - 1/32 Scale
Camping Adventure Playset - Ford 5th wheel dually with camper

33075 - 1/43 Scale
Construction Set with Lowboy Trailer and Pick Up Truck

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