Monday, February 4, 2013

God made farmers, and man made machines.

Did you guys catch the Super Bowl commercials last night?  There were some hilarious ones!  My favorite was probably the Audi commercial where the guy goes to prom.  The Axe Apollo one was pretty great too!

Humor aside, this Ram Paul Harvey commercial was very well done, in my opinion.  "So God made a farmer..."  My friends responded with applause.  If you didn't see it, take a minute to watch it here:

God made a farmer, and man made Ram and John Deere.  These John Deere models from ERTL arrived recently, and below is a sampling of the Ram models we offer.  Enjoy!

John Deere AOS 75th Anniversary Collector Tractor
#45339A - 1/16 Scale

John Deere 6125R Tractor
#45369 - 1/32 Scale

John Deere 8010 Diesel Vintage 4WD Tractor
#46236 - 1/64 Scale

John Deere 1010 Utility Vintage Tractor
#46239 - 1/64 Scale

John Deere Vintage Tractor
#46257 - 1/64 Scale

2002 Dodge Ram Quad Cab in Metallic Blue - Special Edition
Maisto #31963MBL - 1/27 Scale - Spring Arrival

Dodge Ram Fifth Wheel with Livestock Trailer and Cattle
New-Ray #SS-10923 - 1/32 Scale

Dodge Ram 2500 4 x 4 Pickup - Collect 'N Play Series
ERTL #35927 - 4" Long 

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