Monday, February 24, 2014

New WSI Models...Coming this Spring, Summer, & Fall


WSI has recently announced 18 New models including one 1/87 scale model and seventeen 1/50 scale models.  

Two of these New Models are expected to arrive in February / March including a 1/87 scale Mammoet - Liebherr LTM 1750-9.1 Mobile Crane with MB Actros LH MP3 & Lowloader and a 1/50 scale 2014 Mammoet Dakar Rally Truck.

#410065 - 1/87 Scale - Late February/March Arrival
Mammoet - Liebherr LTM 1750-9.1 Mobile Crane
with MB Actros LH MP3 and Lowloader 

This crane's features include: 

• Detailed interior 
• Swiveling outriggers 
• Extendable boom and working drum with key 
• Crane operator's cab swings out into working position 
• Realistic counterweights and tray
• Rubber-like tires with realistic tread 

#410081 - 1/50 Scale - February/March Arrival
2014 Mammoet Dakar Rally Truck

Check out the Real Mammoet Dakar Rally Truck in Action!

Spring Arrival

Nine New 1/50 scale models are expected to arrive this Spring in March / April including seven trucks, one crane, and one trailer. For more information on these models, click the images below. 


Summer Arrival

Check out these three New truck models replicated in 1/50 scale, which are expected to arrive this Summer. Images of the actual trucks are shown below because model images are not yet available at this time. We will keep you up-to-date with current images as soon as they are available.  

#01-1387 - 1/50 Scale - June/July Arrival
Westdijk - Scania R Topline Truck
with 5-axle Nooteboom Lowloader Trailer

#01-1304 - 1/50 Scale - August/September Arrival
Max Bögl - Volvo FH3 Globetrotter
with Bellied Powder Tanker

#01-1348 - 1/50 Scale - August/September Arrival
Flowertrucks - Mercedes Benz Actros Gigaspace
with Thermoking Reefer Trailer

Fall Arrival

The remaining four models are expected to arrive in September / October. Each of these models is replicated in 1/50 scale and include a couple of Scania trucks, a DAF CF 85 Sleeper Cab, and a Volvo FH3 Globetrotter. The below images are also of the actual trucks. We will keep you posted as soon as model images are available.

               #01-1414                                      #01-1418                    
                         #01-1412                                        #07-1039                             

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