Thursday, April 10, 2014

3D to Scale...3D Printing at its best!

Introducing 3D to Scale

We would like to introduce a NEW line made in the USA and created using 3D printer technology... 3D to Scale.  

Currently, four different scales are available including 1/24, 1/50, 1/64, and 1/87.  

1/24 Scale 
There are two 1/24 Scale items including, orange and white traffic barrels in a 3 pack (#24-105-OR) and a set of 2 grey car maintenance ramps (#24-150-GY).

1/50 Scale
In 1/50 scale, there are twelve new models including Jersey barriers, traffic barrels and cones, culverts, and name only a few.  Click HERE to view all of the 1/50 scale 3D to Scale products. 

1/64 Scale
In 1/64 scale, there are six items including: 
  • #64-105-ORTraffic Barrels - 6 pack orange and white
  • #64-300-BLHay Feeder - 2 pack blue 
  • #64-305-GBig Round Hay Bales - 4 pack 
  • #64-320-WTLiquid Petroleum Propane Tank - white and blue
  • #64-325-YBulk Fluid Tank - yellow 2 pack 
  • #64-330-GYHog / Calf Shelter - grey 2 pack 

1/87 Scale
There are two 1/87 scale models including a Cargo Freight 20ft. Container in blue (#87-200-BL) and one in steel grey (#87-200-GY).

How does 3D printing work?

Check out this cool video and watch how 3D to Scale items are made!

Visit our website to view all of our 3D to Scale products and to place your order today.  

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