Monday, April 28, 2014

M2Machines...1958 Chevrolet Apache and 1959 GMC Stepside 4x4

I have a thing for old cars. I’ve always loved the rounded, classic shape associated with the Roaring 20’s through the economic boom of the mid- to late-50’s. These are cars and trucks from a simpler time (or at least a different one). In the spirit of Pleasantville, I’m pleased to present a couple 1/24 scale trucks that are so keen you might even call them the Bee’s Knees!

From M2, we present the 1958 Chevrolet Apache and the 1959 GMC Stepside 4x4:
M2MACHINES - #40300-43A - 1/24 Scale - June / July Arrival
1958 Chevrolet Apache Cameo Pickup in Tarton Turquoise and Black

M2MACHINES - #40300-43B - 1/24 Scale - June / July Arrival
1959 GMC Stepside 4x4 in Flame Red

Both vehicles represent not only my favorite body-styles, but also stand as a testament to American ingenuity and fond memories of the farm.

At 1/24 scale, these detailed models are designed with the collector in mind! Whether it’s the classic, white rim wheels on the Apache or the side-mounted extra tire on the Stepside, the collector will thoroughly enjoy these as fantastic additions to the classic collection. 

They aren’t here quite yet, but it might be time to get your best girl to place this on order today!

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