Tuesday, February 3, 2015

A New Year and New Authors

I wanted to share some great news! We are adding two new authors to our blog, so I wanted to take a moment to introduce them to you.

Who am I, though? My name is Murphy. I am the Marketing Assistant here, and I have been writing this blog for the past 6-7 months.  When I'm not at the office, I'm at home with my awesome wife, Tasha.

That's enough about me, though! Allow me to introduce our two new authors:

Tom Michael has been with 3000toys.com for almost 5 years and serves as the Director of Product Management. His love of comics is only trumped by his immense love for his two little girls; so when he isn't around here, he is goofing off with them! He is also incredibly knowledgeable about our product lines, so he is sure to bring some great insights to you about our newest releases. 

Previous as the Head of Receiving, Sam Livesay moved into his new role as Product Manager last summer. His expertise in the office is matched equally with his expertise in designing and building things (including a 27'  tall metal, wood, and paper tree). He loves spending time with his wife Molly, who is an accountant here. 

I am excited for these two new authors to join the writing team. I know that they will do a great job as they bring you information about our new items and keep you up to date on the latest news here at 3000toys.com.

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