Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Have a Coke and a smile!

Coca-Cola has to be one of the most collected brands in recent history. They've been around for over a hundred years, so I can see why. Folks collect old tin signs, the distinctly shaped bottles, cans, clocks, and vintage coolers. Plus, most of their advertising really lends itself to a crossover for the collector market.  You can also see murals of advertisements around from time to time, like the one pictured below from my home town of Carthage, MO. Coca-Cola marketing has become an art form and part of our history as a country.

Another great way to market a product is to replicate the vehicles associated with the brand. And America is in love with their automobiles. Whether you're into Ford or Chevy or even Volkswagen, you can easily find one with a Coca-Cola logo emblazoned all over it. Now, since is your best choice for finding great replicas, let me show you a few that we happen to have at the moment.

Item #440664
Motor City Classics - 1/32 Scale
Coca-Cola 1953 Chevy Pickup
Includes a vintage red Coca-Cola cooler!

Item #442453
Motor City Classics - 1/32 Scale
Coca-Cola - 1923 Ford Model TT Pickup
Includes a hand cart and Coca-Cola cases!

Item #440033
Motor City Classics - 1/18 Scale
Coca-Cola - 1966 Volkswagen Beetle
Great detail and opening features!

Keep in mind, these are only a few of the Coca-Cola models we have in stock, not to mention the new ones we expect to come out later this year. We have so much more to see at our website, just click here to take a look.

Leave some comments below or send me a picture of your Coca-Cola collection. Or send me a picture of the advertising mural from your home town. It seems like every town has one! Until next time, go be good to someone.

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