Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Welcome to the Executive Class!

If you're into collecting trucks, then I'm sure you're familiar with Tonkin Replicas. They are well known for their 1:53 scale and attention to detail. They also offer 1:64 scale as well as 1:87 scale, but when it comes to large scale impressive models, nothing beats a 1:53 scale Tonkin Replica, right? Well, you might want to take a look at the next level. This is the 1:30 scale Executive Class. These were designed and built to be the ultimate show piece. They're large and impressive and shiny and all the things that will make your buddy jealous; the ultimate center piece.

TONKIN 3019SG - Peterbilt 587 with Sleeper in Green - Executive Class

A bold front grill sets off the model with nicely modeled headlights adding to the look. The side mirrors are well done and, if you look close, you'll see the windshield wipers modeled in metal. The opening hood shows off a well-detailed engine.
Opening doors reveal a detailed interior with adjustable seats and arm rests that move up and down. Looking to the rear, you'll find nicely modeled mudflaps and coiled air hoses, and the tires offer an authentic tread design.

3019SW 1/30 Peterbilt 587 in White
3019SB 1/30 Peterbilt 587 in Blue

6020SB 1/30 Kenworth T700 in Blue
6020SG 1/30 Kenworth T700 in Green

These trucks were originally done just for PACCAR execs, but we got our hands on just a few. Make sure you grab one before they sell out. Go to 3000toys.com to put in your order or just click here. Don't miss the opportunity to own one of these sweet trophy pieces.

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