Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Chasing Down the Bad Guys with Auto World!

Auto World is giving us a throwback from the classic TV show CHIPs with this wonderfully detailed 1975 Dodge Monaco Police Car. The show followed two California Highway Patrol motorcycle officers, and it was known for its mix of humor and action. In fact, during the show's run (1977 to July of 1983) nearly every episode featured massive, caricatured pile-ups as a signature gag 

Now, let's check out this awesome Monaco!

This fierce machine is replicated with diecast metal in 1/18 scale, which allows for some incredible detail. As you can see, the hood, doors, and trunk all open to reveal the internal details of the model, and also allow for unique display options.

Under the hood, you can check out the incredibly detailed Dodge Magnum engine with realistically replicated wires and hydraulics. This engine adds a level of reality to this model that almost makes it look like this car could peel out onto the road right now!

You can see the textured floor panels, replicated controls, and even a shotgun by just opening up one of the doors. The mirrors and air vents have also been replicated to make this model feel as real as possible. 

We are very excited for this model to arrive this fall in September / October. To pre-order yours visit us at 3000toys.com today!

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