Friday, December 18, 2015

'Twas the Week Before Christmas: Star Wars Edition

 ‘Twas the week before Christmas, and all across the world
Throngs of people were excited, their Star Wars fandom unfurled.
Families lined up and waited in the cold
To see if the new movie was as good as the old.

The children were nestled into their seats with care
with popcorn and soda and theater fare.
The lights went down, the movie got started.
All cell phones, texting and chatter departed.

When out in space there rose such a clatter,
Yoda sent Jedi to see what was the matter.
And Darth Vader in his Tie Fighter and Boba in Slave 1
Showed that the Empire would not run.

And what to their wondering eyes did show up?
But Leia, Han, and starships that blow up!
With Kylo Ren in his ship and Poe in His X-Wing,
the Star Wars excitement was in full swing.

With a new director, so lively and smart,
I knew in an instance, it was a good start.
All the characters gathered, none were ashamed,
JJ Abrams directed and called them by name:

Now Phasma, now Finn, now Chewie, and Luke
On Solo, on Rey, Kanata, and Snoke!
To the top of the record book by the first nightfall,
to the top of the box office, to the top of them all!

The family left the movie, their brains did not
“We must find Star Wars toys!” they thought.
“To we shall go, to find Mattel models aplenty!
When I finally find them, I must buy twenty!”

#CGW52P-CASE - 1/64 Scale
Hot Wheels® Star Wars Starship 12-Piece Assortment

The family received their models, the children all cheered.
There was no sadness or gloom, not a frown or sneer.
The prequels are forgotten, the dark side defeated by the light
May the force be with you all, there’s not a Jar Jar in sight.

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