Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Bring In The 1/64 Scale Harvest With Spec-Cast!

Any 1/64 scale farmer would be proud to bring in his harvest with these great Spec-Cast farm replicas! Take a look at the detail and realism of a few items which arrived recently.

#SCT-539 - 1/64 Scale
Gleaner S98 Combine with Dual Wheels and Corn Head 
This Gleaner S98 Combine features an adjustable auger for unloading the crop. Plus, the corn head detaches to make transport easier. 
#CUST-1428 - 1/64 Scale
Unverferth AWS Fieldrunner Header Transport in Red
Speaking of transport, you'll want to pick up this Unveferth AWS Fieldrunner for all your header transport needs.
#CUST-1452 - 1/64 Scale
Unverferth 325 Gravity Grain Box in Red
What do you do with your crop after it's harvested? Transport it in this Unverferth 325 Gravity Wagon, of course. And if red isn't your color, you can also pick up this grain box in GREEN.
#SCT-545 - 1/64 Scale
Massey Ferguson 8735 Tractor with All Duals
Finally, you'll need a tractor to pull your grain box and header transport. How about this Massey Ferguson 8735 Tractor?

The harvest is coming, and these 1/64 scale implements (along with many others) are in-stock and ready to ship. So come on over to and place your essential harvest equipment order today.

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