Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Protect Your Bruder City from Fire!

If you are familiar with Bruder toys, you know that moving parts are one of their staples. This New Jeep Rubicon Fire Vehicle just arrived, and it is one of the most functional toys I have ever seen. Take a closer look!

The Jeep Rubicon comes with a fireman figure with helmet, radio, and fire extinguisher accessories.
#02528 - 1/16 Scale
Jeep Rubicon Fire Vehicle with Fireman Figure
As you can see, the front wheels have functional steering.

The hood opens to reveal the engine. The cab doors also open to give superb access to all areas of the interior.
For those hot summer days when you just need to feel the wind in your hair, the top lifts off.
Whether you need more cargo room, or you just want to rest outside after a long day’s work, the rear seat comes out to accommodate the ever-changing needs of the fire department.
This is the latest arrival, but we also have well over 200 other Bruder toys in stock and ready to ship. So head over to and order today!

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