Thursday, August 31, 2017

Over 30 NEW Corgi Items Coming in Over the Next Few Months!

New releases will be flying out of Corgi at a breakneck pace for the next few months! We are excited to highlight a few of them from many different eras of military aircraft!

Let's start with one of the quintessential WWI planes. The Sopwith Camel is credited with shooting down over 1,200 enemy aircraft; more than any other allied aircraft in that conflict!
#AA38108 - 1/48 Scale
November / Early December Arrival
Sopwith Camel F1, B6313, Major William George ‘Billy’ Barker C/O , No.139 Sqn, Italy 1918
This 1/48 scale tribute to the Camel features free-rolling wheels, a rotating propeller, and detailed wing bracing.

Now, let's fast forward to WWII and take a look at this P51D Mustang. The Mustang was rolled out in 1940 and was in military service around the world until the early 1980's. It is believed that the P51 shot down nearly 5,000 enemy aircraft during WWII.
#AA27704 - 1/72 Scale
October / November Arrival
North American Mustang P-51D, Captain Ray Wetmore 'Daddy's Girl', 370 FS, March 1945
The P51 had four iterations: A, B, C, and D. This model is the P51D which boasted the Packard V-1650-7 engine and six .50 caliber Browning machine guns.

This next bird is another history maker. The Westland Wessex was the first mass-produced helicopter to use a turbine engine.
#AA37610 - 1/72 Scale
November / Early December Arrival
Westland Wessex HC.2 XV721, 72 Squadron RAF
The Wessex was in service in Britain from 1961 to the early 2000's. This 1/72 scale replica features rotating props and detailed RAF markings.

Now let's move into the modern era of aerial combat. The Eurofighter Typhoon went into production in the early 1990's and is still being manufactured today.
#AA36408 - 1/72 Scale
October / November Arrival
Eurofighter Typhoon, FGR.4, ZJ950/C, ‘Charity’ RAF No.29 Squadron, Falklands Defense
The Typhoon features a titanium Canard fore-wing for advanced maneuvering. This Corgi replica boasts detailed munitions, accurate RAF markings, and nice cockpit details. has a great variety of military aircraft models in stock. Plus, you can pre-order the planes you see here and many others coming soon from Corgi. So get your order in and keep your eye on the sky (or the delivery truck).

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