Wednesday, November 8, 2017

100 Years Ago the Fokker Dr.1 Fighter Took to the Skies, Now a NEW 1/48 Scale Model Has Arrived from Corgi!

WWI was a booming period in the development of both airplanes and the aerial combat soldiers. Initially, the idea was to use airplanes to do reconnaissance on enemy troop movements. The value and quality of this reconnaissance made it critical for both sides to deny it to their enemy. This was the dawn of the fighter plane.

Today, we're looking at a Newly Arrived German fighter from Corgi! The Fokker Dr.1 was the German response to the famous Sopwith Triplane introduced by the British.

Corgi has done a great job recreating the Dr. 1 in stunning detail. Take a look!

#AA38306 - 1/48 Scale
Fokker Dr.I Triplane, 213/17
This 1/48 scale beauty features:
• Accurate paint schemes and markings              
• A wood-grain-effect rotating propeller              
• Fixed landing gear                                             
• Detailed armaments                                           
• Fine rigging detail                                             
• Detailed pilot figure                                          

This Fokker Dr. 1 is in stock and ready to ship for the holidays! So, visit us at and order one for yourself or the WWI collector on your holiday shopping list today!

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