Thursday, September 18, 2008

Batmobiles are this Year's HOT Toy

Batmobiles have been selling incredibly well making the 1/18 scale models two of the top sellers for 2008. We're pretty sure these are going to be on Christmas lists the world round, and we have a nice supply for this upcoming season. The Dark Night version was briefly sold out, but we just restocked it this week.
1966 George Barris TV Batmobile in 1/18 scale
Inspired by the Batmobile featured in the 1966 "Batman" television series, this legendary crime-fighting vehicle was designed by custom automotive icon, George Barris. It has since become a lasting symbol of the Batman franchise. Come on, Robin, to the Bat Cave! There's not a moment to lose! - Batman

Batman Dark Knight Batmobile in 1/18 scale
From the 2008 movie "The Dark Knight", this model is a great addition to any collection or an awesome way to begin one.

Check out these other great Batman items by Mattel available at 3000toys:
MATTEL 1/50 scale Batmobile 8-Piece Assortments
Hot Wheels® designers pay tribute to the Batmobile™ with this assortment of 1:50 scale models. The assortment delivers a variety of Batman™ vehicles from all forms of media, including television, movies and comics. Done on a larger scale, these beauties are loaded with the kind of detail that drives collectors and Batman™ fans absolutely wild with anticipation.

L8788D-CASE contains 2 each of the following products:
1966 TV Series BATMOBILE™ item #M7097
1966 TV Series BATCYCLE™ item #M7098
Dark Knight BATMOBILE item #M7099
Animated Series BATMOBILE™ item #M7100

L8788E-CASE contains the following:
1966 TV Series BATMOBILE™ item #M7097 (2)
1966 TV Series BATCYCLE™ item #M7098 (1)
Dark Knight BATMOBILE™ item #M7099 (2)
Comic Book BATMOBILE™ item #M7101 (3)

We are currently out of stock of the Batman Dark Knight Launch Batmobile (MATTEL #M1113). However, we expect those to be back in stock in Oct or Nov. They are on the site and orders are being taken. We'll ship ASAP once they hit our warehouse!

The Dark Knight™ Batman™ uses ultra-cool gear and vehicles to dismantle the remaining criminal organizations that trouble Gotham City™. With the Launch™ Batmobile™ Vehicle, one touch of a button reveals twin projectile missiles, and becomes a launcher for hours of battle-play fun. Includes two vehicles and one in-scale dedicated 5” Batman™ figure.

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