Wednesday, November 5, 2008

True American Muscle

Add a tank of gas, some oil and you’re set to go… well not quite. However with all the detail packed into this 1/64th scale package looks can be deceiving. With all the details of their larger counterparts these little guys are dropping jaws across the country.

M2 Machines has taken an innovative new approach to the 1/64th scale. They have proven that you don’t always have to sacrifice specifics in order to achieve a smaller model. The emphasis of these finely tuned collectibles is classic cars from the mid 1900’s era (with a few exceptions). Chevrolet, Pontiac, Oldsmobile, Mercury, Ford, Cadillac, and Dodge are some of the big names M2 Machines is sporting. They are also one of the few 1/64th scale models with opening doors, hoods and rubber tires.

These multi-materiel models feature a die-cast body and chassis with plastic interior and rubber tires. Even the lights are individual parts. Focus was also geared under the hood; engines are accurately painted with several different parts visible. Under the chassis you can see the individual exhaust lines and various axels etc.

M2 Machines is setting the standard, and is definitely worth a closer look. Check em’ out!

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