Saturday, November 22, 2008

Customers rave about Hobby Master!

Just thought I'd share one of the responses we've received with the Hobby Master products:

"They are high quality models.......I will be a SURE buyer.......I look forward to placing another order"

-Dan B.

Here are the products that Dan is referring to:

HA1001 - F-104C Starfighter,479th TFW, "Really George"

HA2003 - Nakajima B5N2 "Kate", Ensign Kazumasa Kaneda, IJN Carrier Zuikaku, Pearl Harbor

HA2101 - F-100D SuperSabre, Lt. Col Harold Comstock, 27 Tactical Fighter Wing, Bien Hoa, July, 1966

HA2102 - F-100D Super Sabre, Maj. Don Schmenk, 31st Tactical Fighter Wing, Tuy Hoa, 1969

HG3602 - M24 Chaffee, 79th Tank Battalion, Han River, Korea, 1951

HG3701 - M46 Patton, 6th Tank Battalion, US 24th Division, Han River, Korea, 1951

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