Friday, November 28, 2008

Article by Larry Lorance is hosted and run by Larry Lorance. Larry did a very detailed review of TWH's new Kern Co fire truck. He includes a bunch of detailed pictures and information about the model, Pierce, and the REAL Kern County fire trucks.
The thing that I appreciated was how well he reveals exactly who TWH Collectibles as a company really is. I have personally been to TWH's office in Manitowoc a couple of times and have spent time with several members of their team. This company really is different from any I've experienced before. Larry quotes in his article, "TWH Collectibles values are based on 'Servant Leadership, Passion, Integrity...words not chosen in a brief discussion over an appetizer or because they sound good in a mission statement. Certainly not selected because 'everyone is doing it.'" TWH’s website states, "We believe in servant leadership because it is the best way to lead, and we’ve learned that from following. We value passion, and we recognize it as a gift. One that we never refuse, but always put to good use. Doing the right thing when we don’t have to or when no one is looking -- that is integrity."
A fun section is where Larry has information and pictures of TWH's other business, Manitowoc Coffee - a business they put together as a team in just 30 days! It is incredible (yes, I've personally tasted it! Yum!!).

Larry also includes pictures from TWH's gallery in Manitowoc. It's like an art gallery for their models. These are museum-quality replicas, and this setting is perfect to really show them off.
Larry is awesome! When I emailed to him the first time yesterday to ask if I could reference his great article, he made us our own link with the article and the 3000toys logo at the bottom! WOW! Check it out:

At, Larry hosts a forum.

Here is the link where they discuss the Kern Co by TWH:

Here's a fun picture from his article - but I have to point out once again: these are museum-quality replicas and not cat toys. : )

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