Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Hemi Under Glass

We have just received the handsome Hemi Under Glass special edition by Highway 61, a Plymouth Barracuda like no other. The Hurst Corporation sponsored a number of exhibition racers during the 60s and none of them were more famous than this one, built and driven by Bob Riggle. The 1500 horsepower 426 Hemi® engine was mounted in the rear of the car to create the feather-light front end and rear weight distribution needed to do endless "wheelies" down the strip. The 727 Torqueflight transmission ran into a marine Casale V drive, then back to a reversed rear differential which was flipped over so the ring and pinion gears ran forward. A Plexiglas panel was mounted into the forewall below the dash, allowing Bob to see the track ahead while riding an eight-foot wheelstand.

Sadly, the exhibition craze of the 60s and 70s died, and the original "Hemi Under Glass" 'Cuda shell sat behind Bob Riggle's shop in Prescott, Arizona. After a chance meeting with the "First Lady of Drag Racing", Linda Vaughn, she suggested that Bob resurrect the "Hemi Under Glass". As a result a replica of the 1966 car was built and debuted at the 1992 NHRA U.S. Nationals, and according to Dick Maxwell of Chrysler, is the longest running exhibition car in drag racing today.

Special Edition limited to 1 of 1,002. Includes stamped-steel "wheelie" stand, certificate of authenticity, and special gift box.

Also, we have one SINGLE piece of this one, and will not likely get more. Get it while it lasts!


  1. The only original that survived was the 67. The 65 was re-surfaced into the 66 which was then scrapped after cannibalizing the subframe for the 67 and rusting to the point of no recovery.The 67 ended up in a driveway in Canada and the 68 was cannibalized to put together a 70 tube frame challenger. None of them were rebuilt from sitting in Mr. Riggle's back yard.

    1. Looking to get diecasts signed. Anybody have contact no. or can push my e-mail request along thnxs edf

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    3. We do apologize but we do not know who to contact to have them signed.