Friday, June 26, 2009

New Postage Stamp Planes from MODEL POWER!

More Model Power are due to arrive soon!
This Cessna 172 Skylark (#5603) is clean, simple ,and classic- with typical Greenlight quality, this is painted, not decaled!

If you've collected the Postage Stamp planes before, you'll notice the F-9 Panther (#5393-1) has a new design for 2009. Don't miss out on adding it to the rest of your display!

Finally, the Messerschmidt 262 (#5357-2) is spruced up with a great paint job and stands out despite its small stature. These Postage Stamp planes make a great collectible for any plane fanatic!

Check our website often for these new items and get your order placed today!
They'll be arriving soon!

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