Thursday, October 15, 2009

Beautiful new pieces from Eligor is always pleased to make Eligor available in the US!
They have some excellent new arrivals that are certain to be very popular!

101224- Citroen Type H Powder Truck- Originally used as an oil fire truck, this little model was specifically made for the race tracks. This comes with specific features with extensive historical detail. Two fire extuinguishers ride on the truck bed, with the nozzles located in the back doors. The small size was useful for getting on and off of the track quickly, without endangering spectators. Although this classic truck has been retired in real life, this 1/43 scale model brings collectors a piece of racing history!

101167- Renault Juvaquatre Pain les Delicieux -This lovely vintage-looking model is still in use in France today! The decorations are a faithful reproduction of the original, and the eye-catching exterior has kept this chain of bakeries in business for years! The model name translates to the Renault Delicious Pastry Van- the name alone makes you want to stop it in the street. At a 1/43 scale, each miniscule detail is painstakingly crafted to keep the van looking as realistic as it can possibly be. On a personal note, my father lived in France as a child, and he remembers vans like these driving around the city!

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