Friday, October 23, 2009

JLG Skylift by TWH Collectilbes

We announced last week that the first JLG by TWH has been unveiled.

Here is a little more information about that upcoming model from a recent ad by TWH.

John L. Grove is well known for his work in developing the trades of hydraulic crane and access lifting. His vision led to world renowned manufacturing companies such as Grove and JLG Industries. Insprired by influential minds like John L. Grove, TWH Collectibles focuses on reaching new heights in product innovation and customer experience... and going beyond the highest expectations.
This model is expected to arrive early next year and is preselling quickly. You can get your model pre-ordered, too. [Pre-order]

TWH COLLECTIBLES - 104-01228 - 1/50
JLG® 3394RT Scissor Lift in Orange
Only 2500 in Production

To see all of the model features and dimensions, see the previous blog at:


  1. Any news on the release date?

  2. It won't be until next year, but other than that, I don't really know. TWH hasn't given us any more specific information. Sorry about that...