Thursday, October 29, 2009

Q, have I ever let you down?

My goodness, it's been a very full month! There are so many new items on our site that it's hard to choose what to post about. And believe me, there will be more. But I think I'll go with the movie theme today. Bond, to be exact. We are terribly excited about these new 1/36 scale offerings from Corgi, which should be arriving next week:

Craig Era Set

Connery Era Set

Roger Morre Era Set

Pierce Brosnan Era Set

And the ever popular Aston Martin DBS

Corgi has always done an exceptional job with the Bond series, and the cars are so popular. These are great for just about anyone old enough to appreciate the 007 movies. These are available for pre-order NOW on Remember, Christmas is just 57 days away. Would someone in your family enjoy unwrapping these Christmas morning?

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