Friday, November 20, 2009

So, what do YOU think?

First, I'd like to announce that for the next 5 weeks, our phone lines will be open on Saturdays. Call me!

I mentioned last week how much we love hearing from you here at Over the weekend, I'd like to open the forum of comments here to you. I would love to hear your stories about why you collect, what you collect, memories it brings back, and more.

Me? I don't really collect (I don't think recipes count)... BUT I do refuse to throw out my husband's comic book collection. Am I a good wife or what? There's some really great stuff in there, and somewhere there's a holographic X-men trading card with a manufacturer's defect. Now, if I were to collect, it would probably be Amelia Erhart items. (By the way, this year's regular and special edition Texaco plane is remarkably similar to Ms. Erhart's, and are due in any time now.) I remember doing a very special report in middle school, for which my parents convinced me to cover Amelia Erhart. I had to dress like her that day, so my parents found an old women's aviator style coat and hat in the back of the closet. I remember the very smell of the jacket. Something about that experience stuck with me and I've been fascinated with the story ever since.

Tell me, what's your story?

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