Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Last Chance Fast Approaching

Like the beeping of a truck in reverse or the rumbling of an approaching train, this blog post is intended as a friendly reminder: if you want to order a Christmas gift from us (and really, I think you should), you will need to order soon!

Our shipping department has been hard at work this week getting orders out to happy customers and they want you to be a happy customer as well. That means Friday, December 16th is the last day that anyone living in the Contiguous 48 States can place an order and still get it in time for Christmas. I wasn't very strong in the math portion of my schooling, so I pulled out an abacus and that's TWO DAYS AWAY!

So now is the time to take a look at our site and see if we have anything in-stock that you might like. I would bet that we do! To help get you started, though, here are a few items from ERTL:

ERTL - 45209 - 1/16 Price = $29.99
John Deere 1010 Special Row Crop Utility Tractor

ERTL - 13745 - 1/16 Price = $24.95
Ford 650 Tractor

ERTL - 14750 - 1/16 Price = $22.99
Farmall F-20 Tractor

Thanks for reading and happy holidays!

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