Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Put Yourself on the "Nice" List and Grab Some Universal Hobbies

It is truly better to give than receive. However, no matter how much time and effort I put into a gift, there are some gifts that just miss the mark. I'm never upset when I see the forced smiles and sing-song phrases like "I love it." They do not love it. They wish I would have bought them something else. Alas. I will try better next year.

But what of your gifts that you'll soon be receiving? I'll bet there will be a sweater or a pack of socks that, while you're grateful for the thought, you still wish they had shopped at I mean, it is well known that we carry thousands of items, for kids and collectors alike. And it is practically common knowledge that we offer $7.95 flat-rate shipping for orders within the contiguous 48 states. Furthermore, I can confidently say that our customer service is top notch; you'll walk away with the item you want AND a smile on your face!

So, please, peruse these wonderful Universal Hobbies items. Look them over guilt free, knowing that if only your great-great-granny had known about us, she would have gladly bought you a quality die-cast replica. And after you order one of these beauties, maybe forward along a gentle reminder to granny that you love all of the socks, but you would really like a new model for your birthday this year.

UNIVERSAL HOBBIES - 4010 - 1/32 Price = $27.95
Massey Ferguson 440 Xtra Tractor

UNIVERSAL HOBBIES - 6053 - 1/43 Price = $18.95
Massey Ferguson 590 Tractor

UNIVERSAL HOBBIES - 2920 - 1/32 Price = $35.95
Massey Ferguson 3080 Tractor

UNIVERSAL HOBBIES - 2923 - 1/32 Price = $46.95
Massey Ferguson 6475 Tractor

UNIVERSAL HOBBIES - 2938 - 1/32 Price = $44.95
Massey Ferguson 6465 Communal

UNIVERSAL HOBBIES - 2785 - 1/32 Price = $24.95
Massey Ferguson 135 Tractor without cabin

Thanks for reading and Merry Christmas!!

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