Monday, March 11, 2013

New 1/24 scale cars from Bburago, M2, and Maisto!

I know there isn't always a whole lot of models made in 1/24 scale, so I want to make sure our 1/24 scale collectors out there get a chance to see these!  Just got these in last week, brand new from Bburago, M2Machines, and Maisto.

Bburago's Star and Bijoux Collections features a die-cast metal body with plastic parts, opening doors and hood or trunk, and full-function steering:

Bburago #21064MBL - 1/24 Scale
Lotus Evora S IPS in Metallic Blue
- Star Collection
Also available in yellow!

Bburago #22086MOR - 1/24 Scale
Lamborghini Diablo in Metallic Orange
- Bijoux Collection

Bburago #22100MBL - 1/24 Scale
Volvo C70 Coupe in Metallic Blue

Bburago #22103MR - 1/24 Scale
Lexus IS 350 in Metallic Red

M2Machines #40300-35A-S - 1/24 Scale
1957 Chevrolet Bel Air Convertible in Inca Silver

Maisto #31273BL - 1/24 Scale
MINI Countryman in Blue

Special Edition, which features a die-cast metal body with plastic details, opening doors, and detailed chassis.

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1 comment:

  1. What is incredible and absolutely makes my day is that maisto are telling the truth when they say that the cars are for kids ages 3+. Some diecast brands out there like Bburago say it but they break so damn easily. My kid dismantled a 1:24 bburago within a week when he was 4. We had to glue the parts together, patch on the wheels and what not :(

    The Maisto's on the other hand seem indestructible. The Ford Mustang I got him 4 years looks like it came out of a mad max movie but it can still run! If you wanna see what they look like after years of play check out my article 1:24 diecast cars. I plan on featuring other brands in the future there.