Friday, February 26, 2016

Animals Finally Joining Ertl's Big Farm!

I love Ertl's Big Farm series. It provides a perfect first step into the world of diecast collecting for a child. Ertl's series also provides wonderful values for imaginative play. As great as the Big Farm line has been in the past, it just became even better with the exciting addition of 1/16th scale Big Farm Animals, made of durable plastic. All the classics you might expect are here.

#46519-CNP - 1/16th Scale\
February - March Arrival
Cow - Big Farm Series

First we see these beautiful bovines. The friendly cow, pictured above, and her calf, as seen below, are tough enough to stand up to years of active play.
#46523-CNP - 1/16th Scale
February - March Arrival
Calf - Big Farm Series

#46518-CNP - 1/16th Scale
February - March Arrival
Horse - Big Farm Series
Next, here is a majestic horse and her adorable colt. They're designed with incredible attention to detail and built to last.

#46522-CNP - 1/16th Scale
February - March Arrival
Colt - Big Farm Series

#46531-CNP - 1/16th Scale
February - March Arrival
German Shepherd - Big Farm Series
Last, we're greeted with a loyal German Shepherd that will stick by your side indefinitely.

This is just a small sample of Ertl's new offerings. Head over today to see the rest of the barnyard crew! Don't forget to browse our large selection of 1/16th Scale Big Farm vehicles as well!

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